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hello i am in the process of buying a 1998 yamaha srx600 from a guy down the street. I rode it in his yard to test it out and it seems for a 600 its a little slow. When i hit the throttle it goes but not as fast as it should fromt he start, i should almost go off the back. When i go and then let up on the throttle and then hit it again it waited a few seconds and then goes. were not sure what it is. he said he cleaned the carbs and isnt sure what it is. it has new plugs and everything. anyone know what it could be or if i should consider finding a different sled? he is asking 2000$ it has new track and springs.

another problem is that when you start it, the speedo. and the lights dont work unless you put the high beams on. then all the electrical works. only if the high beams are on.. anyone know what that could be?

please help me out figuring i cant keep him waiting and i really need to find a sled, and all i can come up with is 2grand sence noone wants to trade for my jetski

he also said he will give me a reciept for a week saying nothing is majorly wrong with it. so i can get it checked out
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