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Trying to sync these carbs using the documented procedure in the Polaris 96-99 Service manual.
This doesn't work, and I was just wondering if anyone else has tried this
It states to :
-back the idle screws out 'about 3 turns'
-insert the appropriately sized drill bit/gauge (7/64 for this carb/year) under the slide
-turn the throttle cable adjuster until there is a slight drag on the bit

Problem is that doing this, the 7/64 is way too small (it's more like 1/4)
Anyway, I've never used this documented polaris procedure. I've always just
equal and rose at the same time when the throttle was pressed.
(no snow here, bored, so I thought I'd check some stuff out :) )

Has anyone tried this as documented in the Service manual?


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I have, but I found that the slides had to come up a bit more just to idle the sled. I'm not sure if that is because of my elevation but I do it like you do it; equal pull, adjust slides to clear the bore completely, adjust air screws for no bog on take off, and adjust idle screws so that it idles at the RPM I want. That seems to work for me (well it used to, now I have EFI, no muss, no fuss ;) )
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