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Please Help,
I love the sound and pull of the triple! ALL stock 800 twin have eaten my snow dust in the past
I have owned a 97 Mach 1 now for 4 yrs. This past season I had a lot of problems(Blowing belts,loss of power mid range) It just seems that I don't have the snap I use to. Some friends contribut it to a clogged RAVE, or a belt alignment. Some have stated it could be my crankcase bearing off the pto side. THis makes me sick. My sled is mint for its age. I did shred a belt last year going a 100+ in Quebec. Largest piece I found maybe 1/4 inch. What a clean up job that was in -20F weather. This sled had a new engine put in with around 800 after sucking a belt, form a previous owner. People have mentioned a service bullitin that skd put out on this crankcase bearing. Any suggestions???? WHta should I do My sled is going in for a full service should I have them vacum check??? Any idea's??? thanks,
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