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97 600 XC electric start upgrade

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It appears that the kits are hard to find for these older sleds, so I would like to piece one together but I need some help. Cross referencing snowmobile part numbers is new to me.

Basically what I need to know is, what ring gear clutch do I need to fit a 600 mono-block triple? Also what starter do I need and how does it mount to the block? All of the electrical is easy to get and figure out (push button, proper gauge wiring, battery), I am just curious if I will need some kind of charge regulator to keep the battery full.

A simple kit diagram with listed part numbers would be enough to get me going, but I cannot seem to locate one :(
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Nobody has every upgraded a monoblock 600 triple to electric start?
One thing for sure, you will need a rectifier to create a DC circuit to charge the battery. Manual start is AC only to run lights and hand warmers as far as I can see. My son has a 97XLT Limited with electric start and the parts from something like that should bolt right onto your sled. ebay maybe?
I can live with an independent start circuit for now, I am more concerned about the ring gear clutch and the starter. Are all XLT clutches created equal?
i am looking for one for my xlt too but i have been looking for over 1 year i have found some on ebay anywhere from $200-$500 i have only been able to fine one new one in washington state for $850
Pretty much any clutch from any triple will work. I have read that some of the newer clutches will work as well.
I have a 99 Indy Polaris 600 xcsp and also wanted to buy a kit. I searched ebay and called pretty much all over the country with no luck, and finally a snowmobile mechanic in chippewa falls wi told me that he could build me one. I drove 10 hours round trip and boy was it worth it. I did pay $800.00 parts and labor but he did a great job.
Pretty much any clutch from any triple will work. I have read that some of the newer clutches will work as well.
Here in the Twin Cities, we have a place call Victoria Motor Sports, it is practically a warehouse size snowmobile graveyard stocked with all kinds of stuff, i will have to go look.

I think they ship too if folks need stuff.
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