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96 vmax 600 steering rod problem

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I bought a 96 Vmax 600 DX last spring and just noticed a problem with the steering rod, or tie rod end. It is not coming thru the hole meant for it, it is accually about an inch higher, so it has rubbed a notch for its new location. Can anyone tell me the reason for this? Is the tierod supposed to be attached to the ski arm on the bottom? Has the ski/shock slid upwards in its mount? or worse case, the frame that the ski mounts to is bent upwards? I am hopefully attaching a picture of this. Thanks in advance.

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the tie rod is mounted correctly. is is possibly bent and has rubbed its way up? whats the other side look like?

i dont think the steering spindle could slide up, i have never seen it before but stanger stuff has happened. wish i had one here to look at. compare the length to the other side.

there should also be an accordian style boot about 4-5" long attached to the bulkhead. yours appears to be ripped and gone.
the other side is about half the distance up as this side is, still not in the middle of the hole meant for the tierod, but the upper part of it. I am thinking that maybe the previous owner landed hard on the front ski's once and has bent the frame that the shock/ski's are mounted to, seeing as you say the tierod is mounted correctly.
should be easy enough to eyeball the condition. thats a pretty strong tube that supports the front. remove the clutch side panel and the six or so bolts on the exhaust side panel and see if that tube appears to be bent by looking through the sled side to side over the top.

how does the ski camber look with the sled sitting flat? do the skis appear to be higher off the floor on the outside edges?
OK, I tore into it today, took all the plastic off the sides, so I could really see what was going on. And unfortunatly, or fortunatly, I didnt find anything wrong as to why the tierod was not in the middle of the hole meant for it . So the only way I could see to fix the problem was to move the tierod from the top of the ski bracket to the bottom. and it fits much better, dont rub on anything, or bind or catch during turning, so I guess thats the solution. Are there any 96 Vmax owners here that can look at their sleds to verify if the tierod mounts on the top or bottom of the ski bracket? Thanks.

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If the Yamaha parts fiche is correct, both sides the tie rod end should mount on top. FWIW
yes, I seen that too. But I cant see how else I can get the tierods to where they are not rubbing on the frame and body. Unless someone put the wrong brackets on the ski's and they are turned up too much.
theres a number cast on the front of the arm where the scissor attaches.

should say 82M RH or 82M LH depending on what side you look at.

start there to confirm correct parts.
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