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Hello All,
Question I have is: I was riding in the fresh 20" of snow we got this morning, sled was running great. " always has" always starts first or second pull. I parked it this afternoon to go do some plowing , came back this afternoon and fired it up , started first pull. let it idle for a min and went to take off and throttle cable seemed to be stuck. worked it a bit and seemed to work but did not want to retract. after a bit i seemed to free it up , but now my sled doesn't idle for crap and backfires like mad at low idle. I thaught it may be froze up so I put it in a heated garage and warmed it up.. didn't work still runs like crap. and doesn't start without holding the throttle wide open.
Any fellow ditch bangers have any clue????
Thanks for reading,
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