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1995 Polaris XLT Touring
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Hey, I've got my skid out of my new to me 1995 XLT Touring - stock setup with the XC-100, 133.5" rails. I've put in new bearings all around, new slides and everything greased. Wondering what the best suspension tuning setup would be for comfort for two riders on primarily snowy fields and groomed trails. The shocks and springs are all next to new, and the springs that the previous owner put on were the heavy dutys.

How should I set up front and rear on this sled to allow for best comfort, but not making it feel loose, for someone planning to use the sled as more of a weekend touring machine? Not interested in what gets me to top speed fastest, or aggressive riding/hard turning. Think "I'll still enjoy riding it but the missus won't be complaining about it being rough going sitting in the passenger seat"!

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