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This is one of the sleds I picked up awhile back and recently started getting working on it in hopes of making it run.
So far, I removed the gas tank/seat, flushed and cleaned out the old gas and replaced the hoses and screen, installed new plugs, and bought a new battery for it.
Here's the problem I'm having:
I have noticed that the throttle cable has a ton of slack in it to the point that it won't hold any tension where the paddle is and the end dowel piece sticks out of the place that it should rest in, if that makes sense.
Could it be stretched?
Could the throttle section under the hood be seized and not returning to the correct position?
Can it be adjusted?
Is there a return spring that's messed up?
I plan on digging deeper into the throttle issue this weekend and see if I can get it fixed with the help of your suggestions.

I'm pretty new to snowmobiles, but I'm very mechanically inclined.

Any help and guidance is much appreciated.
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