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My 1989 Phazer is leaking a lot of oil.

I only rode it around the yard for maybe 20 mins. and it uses/leaks almost an entire quart of oil. I've only ridden it for maybe 45 minutes the past two seasons and have bought 3 quarts of oil total

I read where it might be running too rich, but an entire quart of oil in only a few minutes sounds like it's probably more serious than that.

I also read where it might be piston rings.

Any idea as to why it would leak so much oil?

Also, the thing just reeks of fuel/oil from 10 ft. away.

It seems to start good, runs good, and goes good. I did notice a small backfire but that was only once last week.

If I were to premix the oil and fuel, would that solve anything? Or would that just mask the symptoms .

I should also mention that the oil leaking from the snowmobile is pure blue.

Also, there's oil coming out of the "vent" looking area on the right hand side of the snowmobile where the fuel level indicator is.

Any help would be great, thanks a lot.
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