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I've been looking through this forum to see if anyone else was experiencing this problem, but it doesn't look like it!

The headlight on my 89 Citation LS is currently not working. I replaced the bulb last season, which then lasted about 3 hours of riding and promptly blew again. This is not the first time this has happened.

What should I be looking for? I'm completely unfamiliar with the electronics on this machine, but I'm assuming they should be pretty simple?

Should I be looking for a short, ground, or lack thereof? Where do the wires run after they leave the headlight? They seem to run down underneath the motor? Could this be a problem with the power being generated? (I'm assuming there's some sort of magneto/stator?)

I'd love it if someone had access to a shop manual/diagrams and if anyone knew a procedure I could use to test this. I'm going to stick the multimeter into the bulb socket and see if there's current when the motor's running, other than that, should I just keep probing back further? Or is it easier just to replace the complete wiring harness? Where is the ground for this curcuit?

Perhaps I'll just stick a flashlight on the hood with duct tape. :p

Thanks in advance!
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