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Unloaded at the lake today, let it warm up, shut it off, put on helmet, started back up and was only firing on the stator side cylinder, replaced plugs.... same thing.

If you unhook the plug wire for the stator side, the clutch side will fire

unhook the clutch side and the stator side fires

I can get one side or the other to fire but not both.
I had this problem earlier this year, couldnt figure wtf was going on so I replaced the whole damn motor, cdi, coil and the problem was gone, now its back again.

Its not a carb problem, and i tryed unplugging the wires coming out of the stator going to the voltage regulator, same problem...

Spark seems kind of week, and not bright and consistent, please tell me someone can help here. Bad coil, cdi, staor, or dirty flywheel???
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