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600 polaris power band?

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i was wondering if any one could help me on this needed to no were my 600 xc deluxe power band is so i can find good clutch spring and weight sled a little boggy on take off thanks
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What year? Small block or big block? Carb or EFI?
big block twin with carb and 2000 polaris 600 xc deluxe
I couldn't locate a dyno chart for the non-VES 600. If you are sure the bogging is clutch related, you could try a clutch kit from Erlandson (EPI) or Goodwin, they both have really good reputations for setup. I run an EPI Trail kit in my 650, it made a lot of difference in acceleration.
its not so much bogging. Its taking off at 3500 and dont have no guts at that rpm that if i took it up too about 4600 to 4800 i would get the torq out of it but i thought if i could just change the spring in it it would launch better not real sure just put sled back togother and i have a 700 xc 1999 that takes off at 5000 and it gets a real nice launch so i guess what i would like to no if i just change spring if that would do the job. I also heard if u can take shims out to get it to take off harder but dont no if that would hurt sled but i dont no so if you do no could u maybe help me out thanks
If the primary spring is worn out, it will be weak and allow the clutch to close at a lower RPM and create bog. The stock spring should engage around the 4000-4200 RPM range. To increase the engagement RPM above that, a spring with a larger initial force and near the same finished force would be required. What spring is in it now?
it does have stock spring in it now wich is blue&white wich i think is 120lb so i was told that i could install almond gold spring wich is 150lb would get me to about 46to4800rpm wich i think is were the torq is from what i have ben told but if u now any difference would be helpfull and i will have to check on final force for both springs to make sure that is the same do they have to be the same or can they be diff a little bit?
You probably won't find one that's exact, close is as good as it gets.
well i thought i would run this by u stock spring 120lb ingaugement and 290 at the end and almond spring 150lb in gauge ment and 310 final should be ok i hope thanks if u dont think so let me no
Polaris shows the dark blue/white spring as stock for the 2000 600 XC Deluxe with 120/310 numbers (Polaris P/N 7041718). The Polaris Almond/blue (Polaris P/N 7041922) is 150/310, which should raise your engagement but keep your top RPM the same.
well im going to go with almond blue wich should do th job thanks for all your help
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