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I Have pulled the carbs--cleaned everything/all parts--even replaced one carb with a different one--syncronized the carbs--and replaced the choke cables because I thought they were loose--new plugs NGK--cleaned fuel filter. The 1995 Polaris XLT 600 Special is idling at 4000 rpms. when I try to drive it around my 2 acres I stall out about 3/4 the way around every time and have to choke it to get it started again. I think it is a mid range issue, but don't know how to fix. The clip on the needle is at #3 position now and I have had the air valve from 1 turn to 1.5 turn and the pilot idle screw from 2 to 4 turns out with no difference.

Someone must know? Thanx Todd:mad:
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