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What is the most I should consider towing with the above vehicle? Truck has the hemi, is a crew cab, and has the max towing package which includes the 3.92 gear, HD trans cooler, and larger trailer tow mirrors. I'm looking at either a 3 place or 4 place all aluminum trailer. Will probably house 121-137 track sleds. Any advice would be helpful. Mike

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I wouldn't hesitate to tow to the max published towing rate for that truck. The Hemi is a good engine, the Ram is a stout truck. With the aluminum trailer, I am betting you won't be close to the max weight. Flat terrain will be easier on the truck than the mountains, so where you tow will make a bit of difference.

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I've made that trip many a time!
You will be fine!
I run about 70 with my set up.
I have a 98 GMC Cab over with the 3.9 Diesel and only 2 wheel drive.
I tow a 29' 4 place that is almost 7 foot inside height and Steel!
I can also put 2 or even 3 in the truck!
I also carry 100 gal of diesel and another 60 gall of Prem in an on board fuel cell with 12v pump!
Im HEAVY and I still get 10mpg unless Im into the wind.

You will be fine just don't run 90mph!
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