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2018 mxz 850 etec

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how do I summerize my sled, I know some sleds are different than others. here's what I tried to far and didn't work.
warmed up sled to 4bars,
put gauges on odometer
Held S button down while clicking high beams

here is where I thought the oil light would show but it didn't .

Does this sled have a different method for Summerization?
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Consult the holy book of antioch!

Should be the same. Hold the SET button down and hit high/low beam until the gauge says "PRESS/HOLD S FOR OIL INJECTION.
Release, then Again, press and hold SET for 2-3 seconds.
Gauge will say "Oil Injection" and then just release button and wait for it. Takes about 1 minute and it will turn the motor off automatically.
Remove the tether cord cap.
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