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2010 Sno Pro 500

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Ok guys, anyone own or actually ride this?

After the issues with the sled I bought this year, and losing faith completely in it, decided that next year need to buy a new sled.

I know its only a 500, but heck 85-90mph is plenty fast, plus a clutch kit in it would do wonders i am thinking. The price is more feasible then a 11-12k sled, local dealer has one for 7499, figure could get it around 6500 middle of summer from em. :)

Looking for input to see if anyone has rode one instead of the hype from the ads
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Im interested in everyones input. Ive thought about getting one as well. I think I can get a smoking deal on one here in NH.
are they geared like a sno cross or like a stocker? That would dramatically change top speed/quickness.
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