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2009 Adrenaline 121 to 137 track upgrade

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I have found interesting 2009 Ski-Doo 800 Adrenaline but with 121" track.
How complicated and expensive is upgrade to 137" track ?
Mostly I use snowmobile off trail so 121" might be too short.
Last year I had problems with my Polaris in deep snow :)
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check out tracks usa
Roughly calculating 600-800 USD + replacing.
I think better option will be Summit with 146" track than playing with track replacement.

I have option 2010 Summit but with 600 E-TEC engine. Price the same. Won't be too weak ?
It's just 10HP difference and 600 should be lighter so there should be no significant difference in power ??
I have found one more - AC F8 2009 with 136" track :) Price the same as Ski-Doo 600 E-TEC Summit with 146" track.
Ski-Doo is convincing me with Rev-XP platform where I can mount additional seat and occasionally take my daughter for a ride. Arctic Cat doesn't offer such an option.
get the etec they are way better 20 miles to the gallon with those 600 and they have more punch then u think
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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