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2007 Yamaha Apex

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Hello all: Im looking at buying a 2007 Yamaha Apex with only 5300 KM on it. they are asking $7500 for it. First of all are there any known issues with this model year that i should know about and also when looking at it what should i look out for. This would be my first snowmobile purchase so im a little bit nervous. I am currently riding a 1994 Polaris Indy XLT SKS 580 that my Girlfriend bought for me off of her son and i have put well over $2000 into it so far and from what i can see i still have a long way to go.
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$7500 for a 15 year old sled seems pretty high to me. But it's all about what is available in your area. Yamaha engines have been pretty durable, but their sleds are heavy, which is why they are always rated dead last in the mountain category.

I'd do some comparison shopping online to see if it's a good deal or not... prices are up all over. Who knows.

Good luck in the search!
Prices are up in some places but here in Wisconsin a snowmobile can be had year round. Classifieds are always packed with them since that law that all Wisconsin residents must also purchase a trail pass yearly along with the registration. (sry its a law that irks me to no end,lol)

As he said depends on the area I know I wouldn't be paying 7500 for a 15 year old snowmobile with that kind of mileage but it is Canada and snowmobiles are always higher up there for some odd reason.
thank you for the feed back and i have been shopping a lot lately. The prices are crazy I've seen some with more than 3 times that mileage for $8000-$12000. Not very much for sale in my area. I would have to drive to Quebec or Ontario to get a better deal.
I've driven from southern Oregon to Northern Washington to buy the right sled ;) (522 miles one way, 840KM). But gas was a lot cheaper then, and I took my two young sons with me and we had an adventure :D

If that's what they are going for, prices won't be going down until mid-season... and as far as bad things to say about Yamaha, there aren't many, especially on sleds oriented to the trails. Weight has always been an issue. But they have a TON of power. When the RX1 came out, I rode one... OMG. That thing was scary fast. That also had a 4 cyl yamaha engine, but was a bit older. You should definitely be able to keep up with the pack ;)
Thank you again for the input really have me thinking of jumping on it. Better speak to the bank lol
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