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2004 viper 4 wire kill switch test or bypass

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How do i test or bypass the 4 wire kill switch on the 04 sxv70sj viper?
I have no spark and would like to rule this out. thanks to all!

I have service manual but the suppliment does not cover this. only the three wire systems.

i would like to rule this out before testing stator and pick up which have been cleaned and new plugs installed as well and still no spark also have disconnected the control load relay with no luck please advise and thanks!
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+ lead from multimeter to the brown wire lug and - lead to the brown/white=continuity when pulled up(on) no continuity pushed in(off). or did you mean the key switch?
re 04 viper no spark

thanks for the fast response! the kill switch checks out! I have also tested the throttle switch tors, coils stator and pick up coil.

**the pick up coil reads around 500 ohms and should be in the range of 189-231 so I think this is the problem.**

I wanted to test the condenser as well since it says to check that before the ac magneto and pick up. but I cannot find it on this sled! did the 04 have one or is it part of the cdi or something?

also how do you test the 4 wire key switch/ ignition switch just so I can rule that out

thanks again to all and yamadad4 for the help!
there should be 2 of them by the regulator on the right side where the rope comes out. do you have the equipment to test those? its a microferod or something to that effect. i have to take mine to an electric motor rebuilder for testing.

i would like more info on that as i have never been figure what the test was.

as for the key switch, should have continuity between the brown and red in the on position.
Thanks again yamadad4! Switch was good. One of my friends was on his way over to one of the yamaha dealers today, so I sent the condensers with him to see if they could test them. I'm pretty sure its a bad pick up coil but just want to rule everything out before buying parts.

I will post the results of the condensers when I get them back. Thanks again!
getting condensers tested monday. a friend of mine owns a local company called Electron coil. They build capacitors and circuitry for various gov't contracts . both yamaha dealers didnt have the tool for testing. but all said that it was the stator/pickup coil thats bad which is what thought.
while your there see if you can get the proper terminology and spelling for the uF? microferod?,whatever, to help me grasp the concept.

last one i had tested was about 1200 below spec and since the replacement was backordered i never swapped it out. i was working on on intermittent grip warmer issue.

i hear from reliable sources that the condensors rarely fail, it just seemed odd in my situation the only part that didnt meet spec was the condensor.
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