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I know that there are some 03 Rev owners that were having issues with their sleds darting around depending on trail conditions. My dad was having a severe problem with this on his '03 800 and he finally got the problem resolved. Just in case there are others who are dealing with this and have yet to resolve the problem, I wanted to give an outline of the changes that he made on his sled.

Front shocks set for "3"

Rear suspension blocks set to "medium"

Adjust front undercarriage straps 2 holes tighter than the stock position.

Tightening up on the straps will lighten the front of the track during acceleration, and will allow more weight to stay on the skis. This adjustment is what finally took care of the handling problems that he was having. Prior to this, his sled would dart around uncontrollably under acceleration on certain trail conditions.

I just wanted to share this in case any of you guys were battling with the same problems;)
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