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2003 polaris XC 500 sp pops at 3000 RPMS, Wants to die when throttle engaged

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Hey all! I ran up my snowmobile today other days it was running fine, But today the exhaust made a popping noise at 3000 rpms then when I press the throttle the rpms go down. Has old gas, 2 stroke, And the spark plugs are new but used them while trying to get old gas out. Little bit of more gas still in. Anything helps! Thanks!
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Start with new gas and clean carbs. That solves a ton of problems. Make sure the pilot jet and the air and fuel circuits to the pilot jet are spotless. Go from there.
Hey! Carbs are cleaned, Need to run the old gas out and i’m very new to this stuff. where’s the pilot jet and fuel circuits ?
When you clean the carb, the pilot jet is the one that is up the tube. There are air and fuel circuits in the carb, I just spray cleaner into all of them. When you spray into one of the holes, the outlet hole is pointed at your face, just so you know. It's a rule, I think ;)
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Along with a small piece of wire through each passage using good carb cleaner and through every jet. Just because carbs were cleaned once then you ran old gas doesn't mean that there isn't gunk back in there. Sometimes it takes 3-4 times to clean them we've all been there. Rip all the old gas out, replace the fuel filter as well, clean the carbs again and go from there.
new plugs also , make sure throttle cable is adjusted correct, , should have 010 /020 free play , theres saftey switches in there
Hey! Thanks for the replies, i’ll get right on that. It’s idling weird now. And still making that backfire noise from exhaust at 3 rpms and when choke is off it goes down to 1000 rpms then dies, even when i press the throttle under 3000 rpms it sounds like it’s turning off.
That does sound like throttle freeplay adjustment.
Okay, How do I fix that? I am very new to this stuff.
there normally is a adjuster in the cable near the throttle block . has a rubber cap over it, what you r looking for is the rested throttle lever to come to stop at the throttle block , a freeplay is measured from lever rest point to opening of carbs or throttle body's, you need to have .010/.020 clearance , normally the width of a credit card, after adjustments it needs to rest at the block
Everything you need will be in the manual below. Click Polaris then 2001 or 2003 or 2004 service manual. Adjustments on the throttle were the same.

I pulled spark plugs out, Tip was black.
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