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Guys, last winter my 2002 700 xcsp was relatively slugish in the 3/4-full throttle range. My buddies 2002 600 xcsp easily kept up and often pulled me on the lakes. We are both studded, the other guy weighs about 20-30 lb more than I, but the sleds are pretty much the same in general just the motor size difference.

I started to finally get around to taking things apart. My first direction is the carbs. My thinking is that maybe something is up with my fueling. I notice when I pass the 3/4 mark on my throttle the sled actually slows down. Not falling on its face or anything like that, but it is noticable. I think if it is fueling related this suggests a problem with my main jetting right?

Anyway, I pulled the airbox apart and there is a reasonable amount of fuel mixture in base of it. It all appears to be coming from the right hand side carb. The left carb is bone dry and no seeping from it. The right side has a pool by where the pilot air jet is. Then all over on the base of the airbox. Any thoughts on what might cause this? Anyone know if they sell rebuild kits for these things with all the seals etc? I assume I should pull the carbs and give them a once over.

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