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When my youngest was 8 or so, the Skidoo trailer was at a snowpark showing off all the sleds. There was a z120 there, kidlet ran over to it and lifted up the back and was yelling at me to look! He thought that was very cool, HE could lift the back up. Then he sat on it, and saw the decals instead of gauges. He looked at me really puzzled- "How fast will this thing go, dad?" I told him 8-12 mph. He immediately got off and totally lost interest. He was on a Yamaha 300 and his "dad imposed" speed limit was 30, so that was a huge downgrade in his eyes. He had been riding for about a year by then, so going 8 mph just didn't seem to float his boat back then!

I still get a smile when I see one of those mini-sleds in a parking lot zooming around, nurturing the next generation of snowmobilers!
1 - 2 of 18 Posts