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Recently purchased this sled and I am having a few problems with it:

-The headlights and the tailights are not working on the sled. However, the gages on the dashboard do light up. It may be blown bulbs, but I am unsure of what type of bulbs they take or where I can obtain them. Does anybody know what may be causing the lights to not work? Someone suggested it may be a fuse or a relay, and to be honest I'm not too sure what or where the relay is at. I am horrible with electricity lingo and it in general.

-The steering seems very loose on the sled. In order for the ski's to be straight, the handle bar must be canted just a bit to left. It isn't a HUGE problem, but it has become a bit annoying as I put around on it. Is there any way of straightening it up, and/or tightening the steering collumn?

-Also, just purchased a windshield for it since it didn't have one. How hard are they to install and do I need to purchase any additional hardware to install?

Thanks for your help everyone. Happy sledding!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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