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2001 Polaris 600 Indy Touring Classic
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I have a 2001 600 Touring Classic Electric Start.

The “brake” light on the dash is illuminated. The rear brake light, rear taillight, front and rear hand warmers are all not working.

Removed the air box and disconnected the 3 wire connector (brown, yellow, orange) that goes to the rear of the sled from the main harness the connector at the main harness has a brown, 2 orange and yellow wires.
In lieu of pulling the seat I used jumper wires to 12v. 12 Neg to brown and positive to yellow which illuminated the brake light. Then Connected the positive to orange and the running light illuminated. I didn’t do any testing of the heated seats.
I am at a total loss of where to go from here.
My guess is a broken wire or short on the heated grips, but only guessing.

Looking for any guidance.
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