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ok - finally three of us (normally riding enduro bikes in warmer times of the year and Nytros and Phazer at rare colder times when we do have some decent snow cover round here) decided to try out the 2 moto conversions of our YZ and WR 450 four stroke bikes.

it really feels awkward as it aint no snow sled or dirt bike either.

it is fun when you hit the right snow conditions (or may be your skill level is higher than ours. But here is our preliminary conclusions after 5 rides:

1) we cant ride with our snow sled gang together now - they are way faster and dont care much about icy roads, running water crossings, really deep snow or... forgot the word... roots I thing it is...
2) you need to dress lighter as you move a lot - balance - hold the thing with your knees and stuff - this is a physical thing
3) 450 four strike is not enough power to ride powder - roads and feet deep snow is perfect - but hit some really deep snow - say a meter - we didnt try (of have around here) anything deeper - and engine start bogging and asking for clutch and rev and you need to build up some speed to get up the snow and on top of it to be really riding - otherwise you drown or lose speed dramatically
4) the thing can climb on a slow pace some grwn hills and generally go to places we wouldnt dare on a slow sled - traverse the slopes - go anywhere (provided tot too deep snow) maneuver round trees and build its own tracks - which is sort of fun
5) the best use we found for it - some field or slope behind your yard where you can go in circles jump etc etc - a motocross track may be ) dont take it to far away places especially with a group of conventional sled riders
6) we still struggle with jet settings and with trying to keep the engine warm as normally after 3-5 minutes of difficult uphill revving the engine starts bogging and needs time to cool off (or maybe warm up - but we normally stop for 3-5 minutes - then we start and continue riding normally)
I guess we need to properly set up the engines to work at -5 -15 degrees Celsius.

next weekend we take our Nytros and Phazer to a new snow :) Just for a change

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