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Bought new in 2000. Has 3100 miles on it. Runs great. Studded.
Blue book is $1835 trade in, $2860 retail.
I'm asking $1800.
I'm in Saginaw, MI.

I've replaced the slides, the chaincase oil, the clutch, the stator, and misc stuff like belts, carbides, and rebuilt shocks.

The seat has a couple of small holes in it because my stupid boots had lace hooks that poked through. One of the ski's has a gouge in it. The rear bumper got yanked off because I tried to tow another sled once. The windsheild isn't perfect because I've tipped it over a couple of times. It's always been kept in my garage. Has a cover, but it's ripped at the handlebars due to wind from trailering it a couple of times on my buddies open trailer. I was always careful to warm it up, keep dry gas in it, use good oil, etc, to keep it running well. It's never been waxed or rubbed with diapers or any of that crap, so it's not immaculate to look at.

E-mail me at [email protected]
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