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1999 Grand Touring 583 Right heat exchange/Radiator cracked

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I have a 1999 Grand Touring 583 and the right side heat exchanger/radiator got a crack in it. I have looked on eBay for a replacement, but there are none for my model. How do I know if a radiator from a different model would work? This is part number 517290710. Ski-Doo 517290710 - R.H. Radiator : Xtreme Powersports

Any help in trying to figure this out would be much appreciated.

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I've never had to do something like that, but I'd bet that just about any cooler from a 583 or 670 would work just fine as long as it fit the tunnel. Get measurements.
You could drain all the coolant and take it in for welding. Sometimes JB weld will do the trick too. Your call.
Thanks for your input guys, I will try calling a radiator repair shop and see if they can do something about it for a decent price.
You can sometimes get them aluminum welded as the others said but it takes a really good welder to do so. Seen it done a couple times but I know the cost was cheaper then a replacement exchanger/radiator. Might want to try the used parts on facebook marketplace, craigslist and ebay.
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