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I currently own a 1998 Grand Touring 700 SE triple/triple. I impulse bought this sled last year with only 3800 kms. Wish I had taken the time to properly research this machine!!!

I have only used this sled for about 300 kms and I have had nothing but problems. Overheating being the biggest problem, I find that the noise level is painful and it sound like a bucket of bolts. I have been a faithful Yamaha rider for 12 years and I have owned 4 in the past. I liked the Grand Touring SE for its sharp looks and excellent ergonomics. Unfortunately, I now have an expensive sled that I am afraid to take outside a 5 km radius of my house. I have had the sled to the dealer and they have been up and down this machine several times. Although they won't come out and say it, I get they impression that they know this model is a Lemon. They serviced it in November and $450.00 later, I was told it was ready for the season. On my first ride, the temperature gauge was up and down all over the place. The exchanger plates were so hot that steam became a problem while running at slow speeds!

I will never trust this SkiDoo again and I have ordered a new Yamaha Venture to replace it. Is there anyone else out there who has been through this frustration with the 1998 SkiDoo triple/triple engine? I would like to know if this sled can be fixed or will I have to live with all these problems?

Thanks for the "venting" session!!!

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I have a buddy with a Grand Touring 500. It was a pretty good machine for him, but they are an awful lot of sled to control on the trails.

He never had any engine problems with it. As far as I remembr, he had about 3000 km's on it when he bought it... rode it for two years and the worst thing to happen was a self inflicted broken ski / rock incident. He never had any cooling problems.

If you are having big cooling problems due to lack of snow.... I would think about buying a pair of scratchers for it. They help cool the slides, and a do a little for the exchangers.

How warm is it when you ride? How much snow?

Steaming is normal if the exchangers have snow on them when they are hot. As long as your temp guage is working, you can always monitor it on your trail rides. If it gets high, stop for a minute and pack snow on the exchangers to cool it down.
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