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Hi Folks,

Have an older ZRT 600 w/2100 miles on it w/reverse. I noticed at the end of last season some pull cord issues.

When starting it cold, the pull start cord would catch normally (easy out a couple of inches, then catch), then you pull hard to start. As it always did. No problems.

But, then after having been run and warmed up and hot, when restarting, the cord would pull almost all the way out without catching, until about 6 inches left in the length of the cord. Then it would catch, and there would be normal compression resistance on the pull cord, but only the last 6-8 inches or so of cord length. Only because it was warm, this very short pull was enough to kick it over. I'm afraid now that this problem will worsen, and occur when cold, and there's no way this animial will start with only 6 -10 inches of compression resistance. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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this will help

this will help if you go to Arctic Cat Parts, Snowmobiles, Atv, Generator Sales at Alpha Sports Center Arctic Cat Arctic Cat Four Wheelers Artic Cat ATV Arctic Cat Portable Generators home page and click on the parts diagram and find your sled. go through the diagrams and find the pull cord assembly..
when you find it you'll see how the components are put together. theres a pin that slides outward toward the magneto (have you) and engages for pull. thats probally worn. its just plastic i believe. buy a new one should be cheap money. while your in there i would recommend replacing the spring as well... nothings worst than being in the middle of nowhere and not be able to start your machine... hope i helped....

96 zrt 600
-v-force reeds
shaved head
stinger exhaust
high raised handlebars (bars off 02 f7)
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