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Hi all i am new to the forums. I just bought a 97 storm 800 the guy i bought it from just put new wiseco pistons 1 mm over .040. the # off the piston is 2355 mo he told me after he installed them he didn't do a good break in clutch side and center piston broken on the exhaust side just above the top ring # 3 is perfect. He told me his buddys came over and he hopped on it no warm up and this is what happened. This motor i was told has a new crank shop crank in it the heads are from Doug Flannery ported and polished. the heads look fine the plugs a nice brown.

ok so here is my question is this what will happen cause of not warming up the motor with wiseco pistons also cause they where not broke in right.

should i go with the same piston again or should i use another make if so what.
thanks for any help
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