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I picked up a 1995 zr580 not running. the needles and seats look good, but the thing will onyl run with no choke plungers in.... evevn then it doesnt run the best but starts right up. the plug are wet and it is very boggy

i have cleaned the carbs and ran a peice of twistie tie metail through all jets. made shure floats are not sticking and good. cleaned fuel pump. added fresh and new gas. new spark plugs,cut coil wires down to fresh wire. made shure of good spark. 120psi in the cylinders.

it runs but very poorly! very wet plugs!and of course only with the plungers out.

what size seats and needles do i need if thats it? any links to wherei can get some new ones? snow is falling and i need this thing running!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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