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1995/6 skidoo e380 starter ring gear

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Hi there, i bought a e380 touring E cheap from a guy who said it won't stay running.
This is my first snow sled, the learning curve is rather steep....and expensive so far.
I can't even get it running to find out whats wrong.
I got it to sputter on ether in the sparkplug holes.
But pull starting is very hard for me.
Installed a battery but starter was frozen, so I installed a starter to discover the bendix doesn't reach the ring gear.

Found a chunk of shattered clutch sheave in the belly pan, looks like the clutch blew up and he swapped in a used unit with a smaller diameter ring gear.
I can find the correct ring gear used. 84 tooth, 417222859.

My question is, if i buy the the ring gear will it fit the clutch I have ?
Or do I need a complete primary clutch.

Thanks for any help.
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engine is back in the sled, just hooking up airbox and elec connectors.
Compression test is next, then test run the engine and get it out of the garage.
compression is now 115 and 120 psi with 4 yanks on the pull start.
I'm calling it a win....just in time for summer.
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