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1994 Mach Z 780 problem

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Hi guy and gals.....

I just purchased my first sled which is a 1994 Mach Z 780. i brought it to a local shop to have it tuned up and inspected a to z! i am being told i need new carburetor intake boots, but that they are apparently discontinued for my sled!

i was told that i may have luck online or on ebay. i have found used ones on ebay but have no luck finding new ones any where.

So my question is this.... Does anybody know where i can get these intake boots, or would the intake boots from another model fit?

Thanks in advance,

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Royal Dist. might have them 2011 Fall/Winter Catalogue
Low.... Thanks, they were the first place i checked.. of course no luck! i guess i will have to buy on e-bay.
Go to the parts and where to get them section of this forum, then click on parts links. A ton of links there.
was the first place i checked. thanks smallengine:)
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