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1992 yamaha exciter II

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Just bought the sled a few days ago and messed with one carb. The top blew off the top of the cooling cock assembly. What could have caused this to happen? What is the purpose of the cooling cock assembly? Did me messing with the carb have anything to do with the top blowing off? Would appricate any help I can get. Dont really know anything about fixing sleds.
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wut do u mean by cooling cock? got pic.s, u talking bout like where the antifreeze if so maybe the thermostat
The hose runs from the water pump to cooling cock assembly and another hose runs to the carb. Just not sure what the cooling cock assembly does?
no,You did not cause the top to blow off. It was probably just compression
What would cause the pressure to get that high to blow the top off the cooling cock assembly? Would it be the thermostat?
i too am miffed by the "cooling cock assembly". are you referring to the part that the coolant cap secures to?

the t-stack would be a start if your building excess pressure in the cooling system.
part #17

The part is part number 17 on water pump diagram on yamaha parts house .com The snowmobile is a 1992 yamaha exciter II ex570. Tried to load picture on here but couldnt figure it out
thats the shut off for the heated carbs. check the hose and clamp. was the valve in the on or off position?

off, probably just came loose. on, check for a kink or blockage on the return line off the carbs.
It blew the top off. Whats left is shreaded. Is it suppose to be on or off? I had to order the part and wont be in for awhile. I tried connecting the hoses together without the shut off valve as you call it but it just over heats now. Wanted to ride sled this weekend but it heats up. Not sure what caused the pressure to blow the top off the shut off valve to begin with. Could messing with carb screw have cause that? What could have caused the pressure if not me messing with carb screw
messing with the carbs shoudnt have had any effect, unless you kinked a line. i dont think theres all that much pressure in the cooling system. the radiator style cap is only rated for around 15 or 16 psi. if you can still read it whats it say?

havent a clue as to what would cause that valve to come apart, but it would create a loss of coolant or possibly an air pocket in the cooling system causing an overheat. and as mentioned, dont rule out the thermostat itself.
Can anyone tell me where the thermostat is located? Where is the plug located to bleed the air out of the system also?
on the head, between the spark plugs is the stat housing. three 10mm headed bolts hold it on. the bolt on top of the stat housing is the bleeder.

take note that the bleeder bolt is different than the other 3. it should have a gasket, the others will have lock washers dont mix them up.
Took out the thermostat and it is shot. Not sure about the pressure though because it was open not closed. I guess I will start with replacing the thermostat and cooling cock valve and go from there. Hope that solves it and not something real serious. Thanks for everyones help. Hope I didnt buy a piece of junk.
head gasket

Does anyone know the easiest way to check the head gaskets and heads without tearing the whole thing apart? Trying to figure out if I have a blown head gasket or not
pressure up the cooling system like you would on a car.
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