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Hi everyone,

I am sorry if someone has already started a thread about a similar issue, have used the search function but it didn't return any direct results, that I saw.

Bought a 1990 AC Jag AFS from a colleague a little while back (November) and have a question about the cam arms on the primary clutch. One has broken off so I decided it would be best to get three new ones and start afresh, don't want to use the sled any more with only 2 ...

However they are very expensive here in Sweden (around $30 each) so I was wondering if I should try to get hold of some second hand, or if one new one would be good enough anyway? I know they get a little bit worn as time goes by, so I worry that the new one would be a different weight and thus cause the clutch to be unbalanced?

The other issue is getting some that are the same original weight as those I have now, if I did get 3, if I have understood correctly, the max rpm will change if I change the weight (higher if I have lighter weights) and it's an old snowmobile so I don't want to place any unnecessary strain on it ;) Or does it not make that much of a difference?

Would be grateful for any advice :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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