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1979 Arctic Cat El Tigre 5000

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I found an Arctic Cat el Tigre for sale around me. It is in extremely good condtion, except for the windshield. It has 2500 miles. I really liked the old arctic cat's and I had one last year, but it wasn't running when I sold it. I am just wondering what a good price would be for this?
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$200 for a running sled in pretty good condition?
where did you find it at?
what do you mean?
Based on my experience.
Ok I just didn't know, because I thought I sold mine last year for $150. It wasn't running, the windshield broke off, the hood was just painted flat black(it was burnt), there was no belt, and the seat was torn, but the track was pretty good. The only other thing I did was put new head gaskets on it. I didn't even clean the carb or anything. I don't know if the economy has changed or what? Thanks for your replies though.
Nevermind guys, this just sled just sold today for $650.
Bummer. '79 El Tigre's a good sled, and this one sounded really nice! :(
Ya it looked pretty good too. I like the older sleds, and I wish I would have fixed mine up from last year. I have also heard the el tigre 5000's were pretty quick for a 500 cc motor.
One of the best-looking sleds ever built, IMHO. It's too bad you couldn't get it.

I had that exact model sled, and it was a ball to ride. It was comfy, lightweight and good-handling, and the thing would flat out MOVE. Reliable, too.

The only problems I had with it were typical free-air hassles....its sensitivity to air temps and the fact that it was REALLY loud.
it was REALLY loud.
That was a problem?? :laugh:
Ya those sleds look pretty cool for the era. Also, they will move. I have heard they can get into the high 90s, but I don't know if that's accurate or not. I am wanting to find another one around me, but not looking for the price that one sold for lol.
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