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1974 arctic cat Lynx I 292 needs wiring harness!!!!!

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Does anyone know the part number for the main electrical wiring harness on a 74 Lynx I 292? I would kill for the electrical section of a parts manual bc the wiring diagrams have been saying two different things. Also I can’t even find the proper harness online, does anyone know where I can try? Would it be unheard of to use a generic new stock harness that’s universal and modify its ends to match the current broken harness? Anything helps that’s guys.
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Ask here if anyone has that sort of stuff it will be these guys they mostly do vintage snowmobiles.

Also there is some service manuals listed below that might help maybe the 1973 one if anything.

Yayyyy!!!! You were right! I used that site to find the part number and I think I found it on eBay although it’s one number off… looks pretty damn close tho.
Last thing to compare it to:
I would ask at those forums. Never know someone may have one laying around or can tell you if other years will work. They are really good at that vintage stuff.
I have been, no luck, can I adapt the lynx II harness for the lynx I? (2 cyl to a 1 cyl)
I don’t have the right specs for the 1974 t4C Kawi motor- can anybody help?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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