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That's an electrical issue! T.O.R.S (Throttle Over-Ride System) is a rev limiter that limits RPM to around 3,000 so the sled won't go for a ghost ride if the throttle is stuck open. And that is exactly what sounds like is happening on your sled.

There are two switches: one on the carb, and one on the throttle. If the switch on the carb opens when the throttle switch isn't being pressed, it will activate. It will also activate if the RPM is higher than 3,000 RPM at idle.

First thing, it's idling too high at the beginning and triggering it. Idle should be set to 1,500 RPM, so get that settled in first.

Next, the throttle switch is probably bad, so it isn't "pressing" when you use the throttle, causing T.O.R.S. to activate. You can check it by testing for continuity with a multimeter at a plug under the handlebar cover.

Finally, you can bypass the system by unplugging the switch on the carb, and plugging in the leads from the wiring harness together. This causes the system to always see the throttle as closed, and not intervene (though it probably will for high idle still) Keep in mind while it's bypassed though, if the throttle is stuck open, it'll take off on its own!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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