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  1. 1993 polaris xlt 580 special cooling problems

    Polaris Snowmobiles
    Hello, I would like an idea on what is wrong with my sled. The coolant in the reservoir bubbles and the coolant in my water jacket dissapears after riding it thru powder for less than 5 minutes.Things I already did coolant is at the max line and it stays there, filled up the waterjacket with...
  2. 96 xcr belt deflection

    Polaris Snowmobiles
    I have a 96 xcr and a 94 xlt and the belt is loose on both of them. They both have a little bit of a low end bog but once you get going they take off. There the little circle plate on the secondary that has 3 bolts and 1-5 marked. I’ve put that at both extremes and the belts are still both...
  3. Xlt suspension

    General Sled Chat
    Hey, I have a 1994 Indy 580 sks and was wondering what is the best way if any to convert it to a 144? I was thinking an Xtra-10 with extension rails but have heard or some other ways of doing it also. With this conversation also what would I have to do for gearing?
  4. Indy 600 Xlt sks 1994

    General Sled Chat
    I have a 1994 Indy 600 Xlt sks and it has almost 6k miles and getting low compression on all cylinders. Cylinder #1 is 93, #2 95, #3 94. I am thinking about doing a rebuild but should I just do rings, or full top end kit, or while it's all apart do all bearings, seals, and everything. What is...