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  1. Polaris Snowmobiles
    Hey guys I have a 1994 XLT and when I went to start it up this year it was idling at about 4000 rpm, so I decided it probably needed a tune up with a new carb kit and flanges. When I was taking the carbs off I noticed a yellow substance on one of the cylinder walls. Is this normal? If not what...
  2. Polaris Snowmobiles
    I’m looking to make my 96 xcr ride higher/ smoother. I’m thinking of doing an xtra 10 swap in the back. I’m wondering how to raise the front up. Can I just get 10 inch shocks or do I need new tie rods also. I’ve heard that xtra 10 or 12 spindles can add some height to the front. I’ve also heard...
1-2 of 2 Results