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  1. Yamaha Snowmobiles
    ive been trying to start my vmax, and had it running last year. not sure what the problem is. please help
  2. Control / Traction Center
    So I have a 2001 Yamaha Vmax 600 deluxe with reverse. I am trying to Change the track out. I have the suspension and everything removed. Now I need to get the drive track out. I have removed the clutch and bearing and everything on that side and is ready to go. I have removed the chain case...
  3. Yamaha Snowmobiles
    Hello all, I recently bought a 1996 Yamaha Vmax 600 XT that wasn’t running due to no spark but has good compression. I have it apart to replace the stater and also realized someone took the starter out. Does the electric starter have to be put in for it to run? I also found a plug that isn’t...
  4. Yamaha Snowmobiles
    I’m trading a set of wheels and two people have offered 1997 Vmaxx snowmobiles 1. 1997 Vmaxx 600 (4300 miles but studded track) 2. 1997 Vmaxx 500 (2700 miles) don’t know if i should take the bigger motor and studded track over the low miles i do NOT want to have to rebuild the motor yet
  5. New Members Forum
    Hi I have a 99 mountain Max I don’t think it matters but the engine is a 96. I was wondering I only have about 87 psi per cylinder is it time for some rings or do I have to dig it out and go bigger or what size bigger rings would I need the sled has no top end left feels like 440 not 600
  6. General Sled Chat
    I guys I have a 96 Vmx xtc 600 with hand warmer and electrical start opon geting 50 feet away from my house the fuel pump stoped pump-ulating my goal is to take that off get a clicky clack pump and a 2 joint so I don’t have a vacum pump my question is what would be the bestpower source so it...
  7. Used Snowmobiles / Parts
    Hello Everyone I picked up a 1994 Vmax 600 last year that ran good but looked like it needed some TLC. My kid took it for the winter and blew the motor. So now I have a bigger project than I was wanting. I'm throwing it out here in case someone wants it for parts or anything. I am located in...
  8. Engine / Drivetrain
    I got a vmax 600 last spring, hadn't been used in 3 years, sat outside on a trailer, but he started it every year. We did a very light lookover, new plugs, cleaned airbox, seafoam, new crankcase oil. Ran it this year on the 2x no issues. Ended up cleaning the carbs because a screw came loose and...
1-8 of 8 Results