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  1. Engine / Drivetrain
    I have a 1997 Indy Trail where the cylinder has some scratches in it. Can it be honed or ru. It like it is?
  2. Engine / Drivetrain
    Been a while since I've been on this site, but hoping someone can help me with questions on a possible engine swap. Short story/question... Will a 488 fan from a 1995 Trail be an easy swap into a 2001 Supersport 550 fan? Longer story/question... My son's '01 Supersport 550 died. Engine...
  3. Polaris Snowmobiles
    Hey guys I'm looking into building a nice ditch banger/trail sled. I was wondering what guys have done and what they recommend. It would be mostly for ditches and some trails. Main thing I am wondering is what would be the best platform to start, than what things to do first. Thanks!
  4. General Sled Chat
    Does anyone know if I can swap a newer xtra 10 suspension into an '85 Polaris indy trail? Like maybe a suspension from a '99 or older? Any advice helps, thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results