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  1. Mountain Riding
    Hey folks, first time poster, long time rider. Ive got a 2016 Polaris SKS that I'm thinking about doing a tunnel cut on. I do a lot of off trail riding on the east coast (VT) but I also do a fair share of trail riding. I want to do the tunnel cut for the additional off trail preformance but I'm...
  2. Polaris Snowmobiles
    Recently started splattering black oil pretty much everywhere have no clue what it is or where it's coming from
  3. General Sled Chat
    Sooo, I need help. I’m looking to upgrade from my 08 summit 163. I am mainly a flat land rider (off trail, I don’t really do on trail) I’m having to choose between two sleds, a 2014 163 summit for 5k, or a 2018 sks 146 for 10k. Buuut, the sks is from a dealer so I can get financing. I usually...
  4. General Sled Chat
    Hey, I have a 1994 Indy 580 sks and was wondering what is the best way if any to convert it to a 144? I was thinking an Xtra-10 with extension rails but have heard or some other ways of doing it also. With this conversation also what would I have to do for gearing?
1-4 of 4 Results