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    Recently started splattering black oil pretty much everywhere have no clue what it is or where it's coming from
  2. General Sled Chat
    Sooo, I need help. I’m looking to upgrade from my 08 summit 163. I am mainly a flat land rider (off trail, I don’t really do on trail) I’m having to choose between two sleds, a 2014 163 summit for 5k, or a 2018 sks 146 for 10k. Buuut, the sks is from a dealer so I can get financing. I usually...
  3. General Sled Chat
    Hey, I have a 1994 Indy 580 sks and was wondering what is the best way if any to convert it to a 144? I was thinking an Xtra-10 with extension rails but have heard or some other ways of doing it also. With this conversation also what would I have to do for gearing?