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  1. My Ski Doo Elan will not idle and bogs down after pushing the throttle

    Vintage Snowmobiles
    Hi I’m fairly new to this site and I really need help, my 1978 ski doo elan won’t idle and bogs down when the throttle is pushed,I rebuilt the carb with a carb kit and cleaned it as well, the carb is a Tillotson HR. Please help!
  2. Ski Doo T'NT Fuel lines

    General Sled Chat
    Hey guy, I have a 1971 Ski Doo T'NT 399 and am curious about how the fuel lines work with the tilloston carb. There are 2 fuel lines from the tank directly to the carb. One goes into the side and feeds it and the other is on the bottom of the filter. Is this correct? Is there a pulse line? I...
  3. 1971 Ski Doo TNT won't start

    General Sled Chat
    Hey I am new here and couldn't see a vintage sled forum on here so hope this works. I recently got a 71' Ski Doo TNT 399 that was apparently sitting for 3 years but ran before it was parked. I have cleaned the tank, and checked all of the lines, put a bit of oil in each head, replaced the plugs...
  4. Late 90's Skii-Doo Grand Touring Not Starting

    Engine / Drivetrain
    Recently I've been having motor issues with one of our sleds and have a friend coming North later this month and need a quick fix. We've reconstructed the engine multiple times and drained the oil without any sign of getting better. It's our only two-person sled and my parents are looking to...
  5. 1995 Ski Doo formula S 670 vs. 1998 Yamaha vmax 700 xtc

    General Sled Chat
    What's up guys? I'm new to the page. I'm looking to add an ice fishing sled to my collection that still has some speed and would make a good backup or loaner sled for buddies to use when we go out on the trails. I'm looking at 2 different sleds and would like your opinions on both. First, there...
  6. Sick 01 Skandic SWT 500

    Ski-Doo Snowmobiles
    I work for a very small ski hill and am a diesel mechanic by trade, so I'm not great with small engines. I primarily don't operate the sleds, so getting told what happened when things occur is slim at best. This started last week when the sled fouled a set of plugs out on the trail. The...