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  1. Polaris Snowmobiles
    Hello, This past winter I bought a snowmobile from a friend. It was an amazing sled and it barely had any running issues other than Cosmetics. It ran great for a few rides but one ride all of a sudden out of nowhere it bogged right now. It would barely move forward for a few moments. Finally, I...
  2. Polaris Snowmobiles
    I have a Polaris indy 400 that has 30 years of spirit badge on it so I am pretty sure is an 84-85 sled. I took the motor out because it had no spark. I checked the generator and the CDI but I need help identifying the motor properly. its a 498 cc fuji motor. motor # 84-03955 model # EC40PL-02.
  3. Engine / Drivetrain
    I am thinking about putting a polaris 680 tripple in my 400 ifs body.
1-3 of 3 Results