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  1. General Sled Chat
    Hello! Been lurking the last month or so and hoping some of the helpful people here could give me some insight. I'm looking for a sled but I'm totally new to purchasing and haven't even ridden one in over 10 years... The reason I'm confused is that NADA's book value appears to be so much...
  2. General Sled Chat
    I’m looking at getting a sled and I’m looking at the f8 this weekend. Do you guys know any common problems or issues they have? Is this a reliable sled? It has 5900km. Also, what should I look for when I inspect the sled? Thank you.
  3. General Sled Chat
    Hey everyone, Im brand new to the snowmobile scene. Ive been looking at buying a used one for quiet sometime now and am just always unsure of what to buy. I wouldnt mind an older model but Im concerned about having to find parts incase something break. so basically is it hard to find parts for...
1-3 of 3 Results