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  1. 1999 Indy xc 700

    Polaris Snowmobiles
    Hey guys I just bought a 1999 Indy xc 700 to fix up and when I was going to pull the carbs out I saw this PVC pipe thing above the carbs and I have no idea what is is or what it does. I have never worked on a xc and was wondering if anyone knew anything about what it is or what it does. It is...
  2. looking for advice on our problem

    General Sled Chat
    Hey our class has come up with some ideas we would like to see what ones you think are the best? If you have any comments please respond. These ideas ideas are relating to the problem of snowmobiles turning on pavement and how iot is very hard to do so. See our last post to view more 1.) We...
  3. rmk khaos vs pro rmk 155 vs switchback assault vs renegade adrenaline

    General Sled Chat
    hi I was planning on getting a new sled next year. these are the 4 i'm looking at. i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I do backcountry riding and a little trail riding, but have never and probably will never mountain ride. the issue is i'm only 150 pounds and 5'8 so I need...
  4. Need some opinions from ontario riders!

    Canada East
    Hello all, im posting this thread in hopes to get some opinions and actual facts regarding an issue that happened here in Ontario. My buddy had blew a chaincase on a 95 indy in which he was test driving because he was thinking of buying the machine. He was test driving it on the lake because the...