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  1. Engine / Drivetrain
    I have a 1988 Phazer and I have a 1976 GP440 engine which I’m trying to put in the phazer. The problem is that the engine bay has a big brace in the way of the fan on the 440 so I’m wondering if its worth cutting the bracing out and welding my own bracing around the 440. If you have any...
  2. Yamaha Snowmobiles
    I need help with my snowmobile. I just bought a 1973 gp433b snowmobile and the owner told me it starts, idles but when rev’d up it doesn’t move or engage. He told me that the points needed to be adjusted. I’m guessing he’s talking about the points and condenser?? Or is it something else that...
1-2 of 2 Results