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  1. Arctic Cat Snowmobiles
    Rebuilt the motor on my 94 vmax 600 new bottom end, seals and a new piston. Didn’t notice I didn’t add the proper amount of coolant and after 10 mins the machine shut down on my first ride around the house but started back up no problem with a boost.. just wondering if there would be any kind...
  2. Yamaha Snowmobiles
    About to replace my head gasket in the 95 vmax. While taking the head off i obviously lost a lot of coolant. When I get the new gasket and put it back together how should I go about adding coolant back in? How do you do this without creating airbubbles in the system?
  3. Yamaha Snowmobiles
    My ‘95 vmax is burning all of my coolant up pretty quickly. Would this be remedied with a new head gasket? What could I do to stop the coolant leak into cylinders
  4. Polaris Snowmobiles
    Hi all, Replacing the idiot light in my '95 XLT Touring with a temp gauge sensor soon while I have my sled half apart still and carbs off for cleaning anyway. If I'm going to be draining coolant to do this (though I shouldn't lose much with the sensor location right at the top of the head...
1-4 of 4 Results